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You know how the old saying goes: “One surf a day … keeps the doctor away”

You don’t need to be a pro surfer to get great health benefits from surfing. The mear fact of going to the beach will provide amazing surprisingly benefits for your health … here are 5 of them 😉


1. Surfing is … Exercise: Like the gym … but not as boring 😉 Paddling makes for good cardio. Your heart rate will go up and you’ll burn fat without having to get sweaty and stinky. And as if cardio wasn’t good enough, surfing is also considered a strength training. Paddling mostly works the upper back muscles and shoulders while standing up for long periods can be a leg burner… So from a fitness point of view surfing is a match made in heaven!


2. Soaking up the sun (and it’s vitamin D): The sun is always associated with sunburn and skin cancer but, in moderation, it can be great for your body. Spending as little as an hour in the sun can supply you with your daily dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D will help you develop a strong immune system, healthy skin and strong bones.


3. Because the water is … Salty: People pay good money for those fancy bath salt instead of hitting the ocean which is … free. Salt water has an innumerable amount of health benefits. It’s antibacterial, antifungal and the iodine in ocean water is an amazing immunity booster.


4. Sand is a FREE and natural exfoliant: You can spend money on trendy expensive exfoliants … Or you can go to the beach stick your feet, arms or face in the sand. Sand is a natural exfoliant, so it will help shed dead skin. It’s a no brainer…


5. Lower your stress levels: Nothing better to forget about your problems and relax than a surf lesson. Joining a group of like-minded people willing to have fun and a few laughs (during wipeouts) is great for your mental health.


So… if you want to start improving your health 😀 drop us a line here or call us at 1800 GET WET and we will be happy to book you in our next available lesson.

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Photo credit: geralt

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