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5 reasons why you should become a Winter Surfer on the Gold Coast

Winter … My favourite time of year is here. There’s nothing better than getting barrelled on a beautiful crisp morning. Enjoying the fresh offshore breeze and the sunny sky is priceless.
20 May, 2016
Kerri Jekyll

Winter … My favourite time of year is here. There’s nothing better than getting barrelled on a beautiful crisp morning. Enjoying the fresh offshore breeze and the sunny sky is priceless. This makes me wonder…why don’t many people want to learn how to surf in winter? Maybe it’s because winter is synonymous with grey and cold days? Well, not on the Gold Coast. In fact, winter is by far the best season to learn how to surf. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Good Winds

During winter, spots like The Spit are blessed with light offshore winds most of the days. So why on earth are offshore winds good for surfing? Well, Offshore winds remove the ocean surface chop and create more groomed faced waves. This will make it easier to paddle and take off on the wave no matter your level of surfing.

2. Small Clean Swells

What does that mean? Well, in plain English small clean swell means gentle rolling waves that won’t dump you on your first attempt to stand up. And yes, these swells are very frequent during the winter season.

3. Sunny Days

Yes… Winter is famous for its beautiful sunny days. In fact, winter is considered the dry season. No rain means no clouds which result in clear skies.

4. Avoid the crowds

Winter is commonly associate with dark days and sub-zero temperatures. Therefore, fewer people are keen on learning or going surfing. Take advantage of this. Fewer people in the water mean’s more wave for you. Simple as that!

5. Pleasant temperatures

I don’t know you but I don’t like to get roasted in 40 degrees Celsius plus! In winter, you will be enjoying temperatures between 18 to 22 °C. Common! That’s a nice summer day in most of the European countries. If you get cold easily, don’t worry, We will give you a spring suit (short arm/leg wetsuit) that will keep you warm and comfy.

So if you are visiting the Gold Coast or a local that is looking for things to do this winter, surfing is definitely an experience you should at least try once in your life. To book your lesson click here  or give us a call at 1800 GET WET and we will be happy to help you chose the most suitable option for you.

Winter Surf in the Gold Coast

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Kerri Jekyll

Kerri Jekyll

Kerri is the Owner and General Manager of Get Wet Surf on the Gold Coast. She has been running Get Wet Surf for 15 years and there isn't much about surfing she doesn't know!


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