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So, your surfing has been progressing and you are loving the big waves.. there’s only one problem.. For better or worst we surfers rely on mother nature and sometimes it can be a bit cruel. Long spells of flat swell can seem like a curse but there’s no reason to feel like this… here are four fun surf-related things you can do when it’s flat.



Skateboarding was invented by Californian surfers looking for something fun to do on the flat days. Hitting the “concrete waves” it’s not only fun but also a great workout and can be very useful to practice your technique on land.



2.Stand Up Paddleboarding

A flat ocean will provide perfect condition for a SUP session. SUP is an amazing way to go out and enjoy the ocean while helping you impove your balance. It also requires core strength and stability as well as leg strength. A great way to keep you surf fit. If you don’t own one your can rent one from our good friends at https://govertical.com.au




Flat days normally come with great diving conditions. A clear ocean will provide great visibility and you will be able to practice your breath hold while enjoying beautiful marine life. If your are interested in a dive school visit our friend Ian at http://www.divingthegoldcoast.com



4.Enjoy the Beach…

Life is not all about surfing. Just relax, go for a swim and even out your wetsuit tan 😉



Not a surfer yet? Then drop us a line here or call us at 1800 GET WET and we will be happy to book you in our next available lesson 😉

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