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How do I stay fit for surfing when I can’t go to a beach? 

Whether you live far from a beach or the conditions are below par, we don’t always have access to a place to surf. So how do we maintain the strength and fitness required for surfing, or perhaps even improve?


There are so many ways we can keep up our fitness levels for surfing, most require little to no equipment – just some self-motivation!




Stretching muscles is vital to increasing flexibility, performance, mobility and avoiding injury. Harvard Health says stretching helps with balance, which is obviously important for surfing! They also suggest stretching daily by choosing one area of the body to stretch each day of the week like legs, upper body, back, lower body, etc.




Love it or hate it, cardio and aerobic exercise is essential to staying fit and healthy. Cardio exercise allows for increased oxygen supply to muscles, eases stress and boosts energy levels. There are lots of options besides running for cardio exercise – such as skipping, bike riding, walking or stairs.




Increasing joint movement through mobility exercises is a great way to improve surfing technique and capabilities without getting in the water. Pere from The Surf Pentagon (@thesurfpentagon on Instagram) has some great exercise videos explaining different styles of exercises, the benefits of them and how they will improve your surfing.




The quote ‘you are what you eat’ could not be truer for surfing – ensuring good nutrition will optimise your surfing ability more than you think. Eating a balanced diet of protein, carbs and fat with a mix of meats (or vegan options), vegetables, fruit, legumes and grains will make sure you have enough energy before, during and after your surfing, training and day-to-day life.


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Stay Safe 🙂



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