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How To Surf

Who we are, and why you should learn how to surf with Get Wet Surf School

How to Surf

Learning how to surf can be tricky but with the right instruction, proper equipment suitable conditions and the right attitude it can be Fun, safe and easy!

Surfing is such an individual sport so everyone learns at their own rate, Get Wet are experts in getting the best results for you and putting together the best pathway in learning how to surf.

The best way’ to start is to jump in a beginner group surf lesson to try it on and see if surfing is really for you. We will do everything we can to make it a fun experience so even if you find it’s not the sport for you. We will guarantee that you have an awesome time with great memories.

Once you have tried the beginner group surf lesson and you are hooked and want, more you can then upgrade to either a 3 or 5 lesson package (your first lesson fees can come off either of your packages as you have already done lesson 1).

After your first lesson your instructor should be able to advise you if you should go for the 3 or 5 package.  By the end of your 3 or 5 lessons, you should have mastered the white wash and be ready to hit the green zone (unbroken waves). This is where the fun factor goes through the roof as you start to learn skills such as wave selection, paddling techniques, turning and manoeuvring your board along the waves. To get the best results at this level is to do a private lesson so you have the instructor by your side coaching you in the zone.

Once you start to do private lessons, you will want to transition onto a fibreglass surfboard. We have a selection of different glass boards that can be used in a private surf lesson. You and your instructor can start to work out what will be the best surfboard for you and they can help point you in the right direction to find your first fibreglass surfboard.

Surfing, like any sport the more you practice and the better you get and the better you get, the more you will love it. Surfing is a wonderful sport that encourages a healthy outdoor lifestyle for all ages and is perfect for families and groups of friends. Get Wet Surf school want to see as many people as they can fall in love with this fantastic sport and we will work with you to find the perfect pathway to success.

Learn how to surf with Get Wet Surf School

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions about learning to surf and we are happy to answer them all.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to our instructors. We hope this might help clear up any doubts you have about surfing and our surf school.

Are our programs suitable for weak swimmers?
Yes they are! Our lessons are held in waist deep water. So your feet will be touching the sand at all times.
Is there a minimum age?
Safety is our priority, Children’s only lessons are held for children from 6-12 Years . Children 12 and up can join our group lessons with adults. Children under 6 must do a private lesson.
What happens if the weather is bad?

Conditions at the Spit are generally very good for beginner lessons. However, if we feel that conditions may be too rough for our participants, we will reschedule for a different date or refund your money.

What do I need to bring?
On the beach you will only be needing swimmers and big desire to surf and have fun. We will provide you with a wetsuit, rash shirt, sunscreen and of course … a surfboard.
How do we get to the lesson ?

If you have your own car you are best to drive to the Spit as the parking is free all day and you can stay and enjoy the best beach on the Gold Coast.

If you require public transport, the bus terminates at Seaworld so we run a shuttle service from several pick-up locations. See our pick-ups list in About us tab

Is your shuttle service free?

Our shuttle service is complimentary for participants only who book directly with us online. If you are booking through a 3rd party website, conditions apply.

The shuttle is not available for spectators as we need to reserve the seats for those surfing. If the participant is under 12 we allow 1 adult to accompany them in the shuttle.

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