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Kodak Courage: Purchase your Surf Photos Online


Giant Makaha Wave (Black and White Historical Photograph, Giclée)

Makaha Wave Photograph, Giclée

Back in the fifties surf movies and photography became popular around the world. Surf movies usually ended with a punishing big wave finale. Magazines started to appear, and big gnarly waves always made the cover. Surfers all over the world were willing to do anything to appear in these movies and magazines. Motivated by cameras; “Kodak Courage”, was the term used to describe the willingness of surfer to jump into the deep end to get the shot.


Let’s be honest; we all like to get good photos and share them with our friends. There is something magical about capturing that awesome memory that will last forever. We want to help you achieve this. Even though we don’t surf 10 ft waves, we will go to great lengths to capture that perfect picture. Including a few nosedives in the process…

Small winter waves

So, depending on the conditions, most of our surf lessons are captured on camera. So you have the opportunity to show everyone shots of you riding the perfect Gold Coast waves. At the end of every lesson, we will show you a slideshow of the pictures of your experience so you can see yourself surfing and laugh at you wipeouts. If you like what you see, you can purchase the pictures on the spot, and we will put them on a USB drive for you.

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You didn’t have extra money that day… Or maybe you just realise you now want the pictures… But you are home ☹ far away from us. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We have recently launched our online gallery.

In this gallery, we always upload the pictures we took down at the beach that captured those magical moments in the surf, so you can browse through them and purchase any special ones you want! Just Click Here and select the date of the lesson.

For more information about your photos or any other surf relate topics, drop us a line here or call 1800 GET WET and we will be happy to help you. Photos will stay online 3 months after the lesson.


* Historical information thanks to “The History of Surfing” by Matt Warshaw



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