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My Top 5 Surfing Podcasts

Looking for a way to enjoy long commutes to work… Getting a bit over radio… have you gone through your Spotify playlist over and over. Miss surfing?? A surfing Podcast can be the best way to get your surf fix when you are stuck in traffic or cramped in a busy train on the way to work. So here’s a list of my 5 favourite surfing podcasts. Hope you enjoy them:


1. Surf Mastery

This podcast is dedicated to sharing the knowledge of people in the surf industry who are happy to reveal their wealth of experience and insights to us all. Aimed at opening listeners to new ideas and fundamentals that will improve their surfing and surfing techniques and mindsets both in and out of the water. Each interview will educate the listener on ways to refine and progress their surfing and/or increase their surf longevity.

2. Beach Grit

The Grit! is a weekly show co-hosted by David Lee Scales and Chas Smith discussing the most scintillating headlines from the surf world and BeachGrit.com. “We at BeachGrit take surfing like we take life. As anti-depressive!” is their motto, This is a very provocative and controversial podcast but I promise you will never get bored with these guys.

3. Ain’t that Swell

Vaughan and Jed, two famous surf journalist take into the world of professional surfing from a funny take. In between jokes, they will recap and analyze the latest developments in the world of competitive surfing. This show has also amazing interviews with ex-pros and people in the industry.

4. The Surf Simply Podcast

This is a podcast about surf culture, characters, coaching and competition from the team at Surf Simply Resort (one of the best surf coach resorts in the world). Great listen if you are a beginner looking for some progression tips.

5. The Occ-Cast

Occy’s Morning commute podcast! Surfing legend and former World Champion Mark Occhilupo sits down with some of the most prolific surfers in the world to discuss all things surf, music, art and life.

What’s your favourite podcast? If you have any suggestions please drop us a line here or call us at 1800 GET WET and we will be happy to talk all things podcasts or book you in our next surf adventure 😉

Hope to see you soon,


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