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When it comes to learning how to surf, safety can be a concern.

Surfing is always portrayed as an extreme sport that can only be mastered by brave, crazy daredevils or adrenaline seekers. Well, sorry to disappoint you but surfing is not what the POINTBREAK movie made you believe it is about.

Even at an advanced level, surfing is not as dangerous or deadly as you may think. In fact, if you learn to surf with qualified people, surfing can one of the safest water sports in the world. According to the Surfers Journal, Pole Fishing is the most dangerous water sport in the world. Yes, there are more chances of you getting hurt in a flat lake at knee-deep water than in surfing even at an advanced/extreme level.

Now how safe is it to learn to surf with us?? Extremely safe. Let me show you some frequently asked questions about safety to clear your doubts:

I am not a strong swimmer. Will I be safe?

YES! Even if you are not a swimmer at all. Our surfing lessons are held in waist deep water, so your feet will be touching the sand at all times. Keep in mind that small waves break on shallow sand banks, so being in waist deep water is not only safe for non-swimmers but also ideal to catch suitable beginners waves.

Surf Safety Waist deep water

Enjoying some great waves at waist deep water.

What about kids?

When we have young kids in our group surfing lessons, an extra instructor will stay with them at shallower spots (Depending on previous arrangements). This will keep the kids feet touching the sand at all times.

Kids surfing safety

Kids waist deep water = Coach knee deep water

Will I hurt myself with the board?

Not at all! We use beginners foam boards. These boards are softer than the average fiberglass board, so they won’t hurt yourself or anybody else in the unlikely event of a collision in the surf lesson.

safe foam surfboard

Our participants love our comfy foam boards!

What about Sharks?? Am I going to get eaten by one?

NO! Those JAWS looking great white sharks you always see in movies are usually in Western Australia … sorry wrong coast. No sharks around the Spit and not much marine life in the beach breaks… just sand, water and great waves!

Deadly Jellyfish?? Wrong location again. That’s more than a thousand kilometres up north in the Great Barrier Reef. Crocodiles?? Seriously! No crickeys around here mate, try around Darwin.

I hope all of these answers eased your safety concerns. If not, it will be handy to let you know that all of our instructors are certified lifeguards with years of experience in surfing and water rescue. You are in good hands  If you have further questions regarding your safety or anything else click here or give us a call at 1800 GET WET and we will be happy to help you.


See you in the water!


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