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For starters, I would like to state that I’ve been surfing for more than 15 years, coaching for 4 and I barely consider myself an intermediate surfer. As much of a cliche as it may sound, surfing is all about the journey, not the destination. So don’t stress too much about becoming a pro in your first three surf lessons and learn to enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a wave.


So what level are you??

Surfing skills can be relative sometimes. For example, what I consider a radical manoeuvre on a wave, Kelly Slater (11x World Champion) might consider an easy rookie manoeuvre. So the key to becoming a skilful surfer is HONESTY. Having a few surf lessons doesn’t make you an advance or intermediate surfer. In fact, most of the surfers you see out there in the lineup are advanced beginners or intermediate.


So for the sake of this article lets divide the beginner level in 3:

1. Beginner Beginner

You haven’t stepped on a treadmill or lift a weight in a while, or you might not even see the ocean before. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As a “beginner beginner” student we will show you our easy ‘4-step’ method to stand up, and with the help of our qualified coaches, you will be riding waves in no time.

2. Intermediate Beginner

You have a decent fitness level. You did a lesson already, or your surfer friend showed you how to stand up on a board a few summers ago, and you wanted to challenge yourself a little bit more. In this case, we will show you the ‘2-step’ method of standing up and some basic paddling techniques so you can catch your own waves.

3. Advanced beginner

Crossfit is your thing, and you just came back from an intensive surf camp in Indonesia where your good looking coach told you are the best surfer in the world… In this case, you are an Advanced Beginner ☺ We will teach you the advance ‘pop up’ technique to stand up, show you how to paddle on to your own waves and how to turn the board.


All these levels are combined in our beginner’s lesson. So, if you feel you are not a ‘beginers beginner’ let your coaches know before the start of the lesson, and they will teach you the more independent levels.


If this still sounds too easy for you and you are already shredding on the waves ask us about our private intermediate/advanced lessons.

We hope you find this information useful. We are looking forward to go surfing with you 😉




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