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Sustainability In Tourism & Get Wet Surf

Sustainability is a fast-emerging movement due to the rise in environmental consciousness globally. Sustainable tourism is defined as travellers wanting to have the least impact as possible whilst visiting destinations.
21 April, 2020

What is sustainable tourism and what makes a tourism activity sustainable? Sustainability is a fast-emerging movement due to the rise in environmental consciousness globally. Sustainable tourism is defined as travellers wanting to have the least impact as possible whilst visiting destinations. There are several branches of sustainable tourism, for example, eco-friendly practices, economic sustainability and employment.

One of the easiest ways to reduce environmental impact when travelling is by choosing more sustainable activities. Tour operators that are the greener choice either:

  • Donate a percentage of sales/profits to charities/companies that are eco-conscious (Greenpeace Australia, Rainforest Alliance and Environmental Defence Fund)
  • Carbon/Green-offsetting – supporting companies that aim to offset carbon emissions (Carbon Neutral and Greening Australia)
  • Choosing local companies that are genuinely concerned about the local community and region.

Is Get Wet Surf School sustainable?

Not only is Get Wet one of the best adventures to do on the Gold Coast, the local family-owned company, is very conscious of their environmental impact and know how to be a sustainable business. Surfing is a very sustainable sport, as the only thing surfers leave behind on the beach is their footprints. Get Wet’s surfing lessons also encourage visitors to be active and stay healthy on their travels by joining in on outdoor sporting activities!

The 3 R’s of recycling has recently had an upgrade as now there are 5 – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle. Get Wet understands how many resources are needed to make brand-new surfboards, so rather than buy new ones any time there is minimal damage, staff are repairing and repurposing the boards. The restoring, monitoring and maintenance of the boards also ensure that no plastics go into the ocean.

One of the biggest contributors to global emissions is transport. Get Wet is very aware of this, encouraging both the use of their carpooling shuttle transport and taking public transport, rather than private. It is said that carpooling can reduce your carbon footprint by up to half (wow!) and opting for public transport rather than driving can reduce emissions by thirty per cent!
Get Wet’s Managing Director, Kerri is extremely involved in the local community. Kerri has been a huge advocate for the protection of The Spit against the cruise ship terminal plans (which is undoubtedly harmful to the environment) and is the President of the ‘Love The Spit’ foundation. Love The Spit is a hands-on team that is focused on the improvement, protection and betterment of the natural spaces and existing infrastructure available at The Spit.

Get Wet is resourceful in its recruitment, hiring the best-qualified instructors that are mostly university students or seasonally available staff. This is because during the peak season (from December to April) on the Gold Coast, the staff are most accessible and vice versa in the winter months. This is to guarantee sustained year-round employment and contentment amongst the coaches with their work-life balance.

So, what can I do?

To make the most of your time on the Gold Coast whilst being eco-conscious, booking a surf lesson with Get Wet is one of the best activities to do. It is fun, safe, easy and sustainable!

Ready to be sustainable? If you have further questions about our sustainability practices drop us a message or give us a call at 1800 GET WET.

Stay Safe 🙂


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Emma is in her final year of a double Business degree, majoring in Tourism Management and International Business. She's super passionate about the tourism industry and sustainability.


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